Our Mission

Our mission is simple, let’s make every engineer & tech enthusiastic connected.
And see the difference all together we can make.

Feel The Technology

Learn,Share & Grow

We are spreading technology awareness to budding Engineers and Tech enthusiastic so that student get a proper knowledge at proper point of time.
It is not a problem that we know,what we don't know.
But the problem is we actually don't know, what we don't know.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

We believe That
Collaboration Breeds

We are catering every Engineer & Tech enthusiastic under a single platform.
Where an individual at one corner of country can be connected with person at other end,creating tremendous of shareable opportunity.
Opportunity are everywhere,but we don't have access to it with regards to lack of network of same domain peoples.

Things You Should Know

Technoeve is

Run by enthusiastic people in local communities.

A space to share ideas and network with technocrats.

A place to learn about trending technology and tools from the experts around the country working on same subject.

Focused over the necessity for Industrial technical content sharing.

Open for all curious minds.

Technoeve is not

A platform to hear sales pitches

A closed group.

We had created space which

Allow People to Connect,Learn, Share and Grow together

Be a member & make difference

Be a part of such amazing Tech Community

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