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All Engineers & Tech Enthusiastic and those interested in technologies are welcome to join the TECHNOEVE Community. Before getting started, read the “About” page to learn more about the Community.

For Chapter Leader

Naming Guidelines

The Guidelines needs to be followed.

Name your chapter with a “Location” that is a city (e.g. Nagpur, Delhi).

Refer to your chapter as “TECHNOEVE [Location]”.

Naming your chapter with a “Location” that is a state, country, region (e.g. India, Maharashtra).

Referring your chapter name other than TECHNOEVE [Location]

Code of Conduct

When you join our Chapters, you're joining a Community. What's more, similar to any developing Community, a couple of guidelines about expected conduct are useful for everybody. These rules spread both on the online (for example mailing records, social channels) and offline (for example in-person meetups) conducts.

Community Guidelines

The Etiquette should be followed.

Be nice. We’re all piece of a similar network, so be benevolent, inviting, and by and large a pleasant individual. Be somebody that other individuals need to be around.

Be respectful and constructive. Remember to be aware and helpful with your correspondence to individuals. Try not to get into flamewars, make individual assaults . Everybody should assume liability for the network and step up to the plate and diffuse pressure and stop a negative string as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances.

Be collaborative. Work together! We can gain so much from one another. Offer information, and help each other out.

Participate. Join in on exchanges, appear for face to face gatherings consistently, offer input, and help execute that feedback.

Venture down considerately. If you have some type of obligation in your locale, know about your very own requirements. On the off chance that you realize that another activity or individual circumstance will restrain your time, discover somebody who can take over for you and exchange the pertinent data (contacts, passwords, and so forth.) for a smooth progress.

Essential decorum for online exchanges. Try not to send messages to a major rundown. Keep off-point discussions to a base. Try not to be spammer by publicizing or advancing individual tasks which are off subject.

Lets Together Make Every Engineer & Tech Enthusiastic Connected.

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